Common Elements To Market Your Own Products As Well As Retailing Other Products

When marketing physical products online there tend to be two different approaches:  selling your own products (or manufacturing OEM capabilities), and the other approach is to retail other brand’s products.  In the real world, the marketing of these tends to be divergent.

For example, if you are selling your own physical products then you can add the elements of passion, the inspiration and history of the product’s development, market subtle uses for the product that most end users wouldn’t consider, etc.  By contrast, the retailer tends to focus more on sales by emphasizing price, shipping/delivery times, installation or use tips, customer relationship advantages, geographic proximity and other benefits to the prospective customer.

In the online world, however, there are many common elements which both types of product sellers can share in terms of marketing the products they have which generate a profit.  Some of these methods include:

  • Ranking in the search engines
  • Generating trust in online forums which target specific interests or geographic areas
  • Earning trust in the “correct” social media platforms where one’s audience spends the most time (e.g. many B2B companies need to spend more time in LinkedIn versus Facebook, although that can be altered on a case-by-case basis)
  • Increasing the company’s e-mail lists for continuous marketing which doesn’t cost much
  • Intelligently chosen pay-per-click (or CPM) online paid advertising
  • Helpful, value-added press releases which ALSO are properly formatted to rank in the search engines and/or boost the authority of one’s social media platforms
  • Unique groups in social media platforms such as Facebook’s groups, Google Plus communities, etc.
  • Having favorable interviews on websites, blogs and podcasts trusted by the prospective audience


Here is, perhaps, the most underutilized platform.

YouTube Video Marketing

Both parties can benefit from the intelligent use of YouTube, and other online video sharing websites.  They can upload videos, obviously, but here are some better uses of video sites:

  • Proper optimization of videos
  • Adding links and phone numbers in the description along with unique and helpful description content
  • Proper tags
  • Correct use of Advanced Settings
  • Paid views within the YouTube platform
  • Optimized playlists which help the end viewer plus can be optimized to rank on their own
  • Commenting on other people’s videos AND their channel pages
  • Adding links back on the “About” page to the company website
  • Syndicating the YouTube channel’s RSS feed
  • Many additional techniques


Here are some companies which sell physical products (representing both kinds) which are using YouTube intelligently to help make the phone ring to sell more products:

  • Company selling machine shop measuring equipment (click here)
  • Company which manufactures custom high end antenna equipment (go here)
  • Retailer of high end audio engineering and recording studio equipment (visit here)

Other Web Properties To Build

Most small businesses are well aware enough to have a website and the basic social media accounts like a Facebook business page, a Twitter account, basic YouTube videos and an Instagram account (although not as many for the last one).  What most small businesses don’t understand, however, is that several other web properties can benefit their need for new leads.

This post will cover some of the web properties which can offer at least 2 benefits in order to justify the time and learning curve expense required.  Here are just a few:

  • LinkedIn business page.  Not only can these rank well in LinkedIn’s company search engine, they also have the potential to rank well in Google on their own.  Be sure to include your website in the suggested field and also type in your preferred contact phone number.  Here is one such well-optimized profile for a local business.
  • YouTube playlists can be used to do well within YouTube’s search results, and the playlist link (URL) often shows up on the first page of Google for certain keywords which were included in the description.  Here is a recent example of such a playlist ranking well in YouTube for a state-specific query, whereas a few miles away a company is using a YouTube playlist to attract new customers worldwide for custom technology applications.
  • If you want to rank for local keywords to attract new prospective customers or clients then you already may be involved with local promotional vehicles such as local sports teams.  Ask those teams (or high schools, colleges, minor league teams, or other local entertainment entities) if they would create a small page on their websites dedicated to your business.  Here is one such example for an AC repair company serving a relatively small radius.  This can help with search engine benefits, but the other benefit is that the team can reach its fans directly via the website, e-mail newsletter or social media channels.   Either can help increase a business’ odds of getting new customers.
  • Guest posts on relevant websites, blogs and media channels (local or niche-specific) tend to be solid when it comes to attracting new website traffic and possible customers.  The blog has its own social media followers, RSS subscribers, and many other ways to reach its audience.  If the guest post content (if in text form) has specific keyword phrases sprinkled throughout, then the search engines can pick up the guest post page (URL) for possible indexing.   You also might be able to embed shared video(s), podcasts, images and more to enhance one’s position beyond just word text.  Here is an example of such an article for the automotive industry.
  • Along the lines of shared video, Google now has a custom Maps feature which permits individual map markers to be customized and optimized.  You can present a wide array of geographic data (such as where you have current customers/clients/patients) and then, within each marker, embed images and YouTube videos.  You then can add your website, social media and industry directory URL’s along with your phone number.  Here is such a Map and it is being used in a sub-niche of the highly-competitive real estate industry in Northern suburban Dallas.  You also can embed these maps like a video, share the Maps on social media, include links to them in your e-mail signature, have them appear via a QR code and much more.


These are just some of the online properties which can give you multiple benefits to your goal of attracting new customers or clients to your business.  Feel free to leave your thoughts on some of the other web properties which can be created & maintained that most businesses seem to overlook.

YouTube Marketing For High Dollar Transactions

Unlike a local restaurant, an online retailer selling low-dollar products, or a local contractor repairing something at your home there are businesses who have challenges using digital marketing and advertising for high-dollar transactions.   What is of interest is that these businesses often can use YouTube as a method to entice qualified people to call or e-mail and initiate the beginning stages of a high-dollar transaction.

In a moment we will go over three examples.  All 3 have transactions which can be in the tens of thousands of dollars, some in the millions of dollars for a specific transaction.

First, we should go over quickly how to use YouTube in multiple ways to make one’s phone ring:

  • Add your phone number (or website link) on top of the video using YouTube’s behind-the-scenes settings
  • Add the phone number and website to the YouTube description, especially in the first line so that it shows up in the brief description when listed with other videos and/or in the first line on smart phones
  • Any YouTube video link can be e-mailed, shared via text, or even embedded on a website or blog
  • You can buy traffic from within YouTube such as text ads on top of your competitors’ videos or have your video appear next to your competitors’ videos as a Sponsored Video
  • You can pay to have your videos show up in the YouTube search results much like regular Google ads appearing in the search engine results
  • Your videos can be shared on most social media platforms that are trusted by your prospective customers/clients
  • You can buy traffic to your YouTube video from platforms like Facebook ads
  • The video, if optimized properly, can show up in the search engine results for specific keyword phrases IF your video gets shared, has quality websites pointing links to the video (or your channel), and if the video gets shared on various social media platforms
  • You can send people to your YouTube video via a QR code on any physical product or publication mention.  This would boost the view count and also show Google/YouTube that you are getting traffic from mobile devices
  • Several other things which can be done with a YouTube video


From there, most high-dollar transaction businesses need to educate (and possibly entertain) the prospective customer.  These businesses don’t tend to lend themselves toward “entertainment” videos, so be sure to add “value”.  This can vary across the spectrum, but make sure that your YouTube video offers at least some sort of benefit such as introducing your desired audience to new methods, refuting myths, doing a “walk through”, providing “reassurance” or anything else that people in your market need to see on a video.  If you can elicit positive emotion in your video as well then that would be terrific as well.  Of course, be sure to have some sort of call-to-action such as to call a specific phone number or visit a particular website.

Here 3 examples of this working and generating some sort of business:

  • A guy who likes to buy and sell used warehouse equipment such as pallet rack, warehouse shelving, cantilever rack and drive-in racking.  He talks about the equipment in some videos and others show examples of the types of equipment he buys and sells.  Nothing fancy here, but the videos have his phone number and website; and he has generated some B2B transactions from these videos.
  • An optimized YouTube channel for a fabless semiconductor company which specializes in active antenna design and LTE antennas.  The one video on the channel currently is optimized for “wearable GPS antenna” keywords; but the channel has links to the company’s website, LinkedIn page, Google Plus page and Twitter channel.  Most people forget to add these links; but they are powerful for search engine reasons as well as to make life easy for channel page viewers.  Also, the channel page can rank in the search engines on its own if promoted properly.
  • A broker of farms and ranches in Texas and Oklahoma lists slide shows of properties for sale.  Doing so adds a dimension which many others in the space don’t provide; and each is optimized with a link to the website + phone number.  This has led to inquiries which, ultimately, generated a sale or listing for the brokerage firm.  These ranches and farms often are in the high six-figures or low-seven-figures, and the commission is significant for the brokerage.


Feel free to leave your thoughts on high-dollar B2B marketing via YouTube.

Business Services To Help You Feel Better About Life

One of the tougher business services to sell is a service to help you “feel” better.  The reasons are many, and they can include:

  • Subjectivity
  • Difficulty in assigning price
  • Dealing with fickle emotions as to what “feels” better
  • Retaining such a client or customer
  • When dealing with personal issues, it may be tough to get referrals or testimonials due to the personal nature of the service provided
  • Many other factors


Also, many people are more comfortable paying a premium and/or recurring expenses to a service provider when there is a finite problem such as a plumbing issue caused by the kids, problems with one’s brakes on the car, fixing the central air conditioning, or going to the doctor for a sprained ankle.  These are more definite, easy to identify problems which can be “solved” (most of the time) by paying for a specific service.

Additionally, you may be willing a premium to get specific physical items

Feeling better, however, is not as easily identifiable.  Several questions come into play as the causes of not feeling happy can have many origins.  Just some of them include:

  • Dealing with emotional issues such as depression or anxiety, often which requires professional counseling
  • Dealing with long-term chronic pain such as in your low back
  • Not having enough money to meet basic expenses let alone helping others or enjoying life’s pleasures which require a certain minimum net worth
  • Dealing with legal issues which can cause stress
  • Unhappy relationships (spouse, with children, with business partners, co-workers or others) can add tremendous stress
  • Credit problems which prevent you from qualifying for a mortgage, getting a used car, or other financing situations
  • Dealing with sense of depression and “loss” after a divorce
  • Dealing with the sense of loss after the death of a loved one
  • Damage to valuables which can’t be replaced such as fire or water damage to, or theft of, a family heirloom


Many people go about “feeling better” in different ways.  Here are some basics of marketing for these business providers who have to “sell an intangible” instead of a finite physical product or service:

  • Make sure to promote the end benefit(s) often sought by your customers or clients.  These end benefits can range from reassurance, physical relaxation, an exciting performance, feeling as if they are a “part of the show” (for any event), possibility of getting compliments, etc.
  • Promote reviews, testimonials and more signs of reassurance that he/she will get high odds of achieving the quest of “feeling better”
  • Make it easy to understand how to get the end benefits
  • Reach out and attempt to touch on multiple emotions if possible and appropriate
  • If there is any “follow up” by your business to continue the “end benefit” experience then make sure that you promote that as well


Any other things you can offer as well to make sure that the first-time person who is considering spending money with you will be a smart move.  Don’t overwhelm and somehow “over-deliver”; but you still need to convey benefits (wants and/or needs).  By being artful you should give your business a greater chance of earning the prospective customer’s (client’s) business for the long haul.


Applying Subtleties To Facebook Ads To Make The Phone Ring

Facebook ads can help businesses BUT only if properly applied with some deep thought.  The ability to reach so many people is appealing, and the likely lower cost-per-click (versus other PPC platforms) is alluring…. but it doesn’t mean that it will be the most cost-effective way to make the phone ring.

Many business owners stampede into paying for Facebook ads without understanding the greater issues.  So many factors come into play, otherwise the odds of your money being wasted increase dramatically.  You also can hurt your own cause and earn negative reputation if you are not careful… and you would be paying for your own online tarnishing.  Talk about a waste of money!

Most business owners will hear about landing pages, click-through-rate, cost-per-click and a few other terms; but many don’t know what they mean.  Those who do also likely won’t apply them properly.  Once you get into retargeting pixels, forget about it!  The concept of “A/B split testing of ads with Facebook retargeting pixels and hyper-targeted audiences to boost social engagement” (all of which could be great in reality) will go over the heads except the most studious of business owners.  Nonetheless, they will want to stampede into these ads without thinking very clearly except that “Facebook ads are cheaper than Google Ads and cheaper than advertising in the local chamber of commerce magazine.”  Yes, this sentiment has been expressed almost verbatim on more than one occasion recently!

Before going into the advanced topics like split testing, retargeting, custom audiences, and the various pricing models, let’s take a a few minutes and go over the basics.  A local business owner AND a business owner who sells nationally all want the same thing:  they want the phone to ring more with qualified customers/clients ready to buy for the first time.  Remember however that Facebook is a social platform and one which is targeting the user’s PERSONAL interests, not their shopping/business interests.  There are platforms for those interests such as specific forums, LinkedIn, Amazon (all of its reviews & social elements), marketing blogs, etc.

You have to be respectful that one of your paid (sponsored) ads will be showing up in the PERSONAL news feed and/or the sidebar (on desktop/laptop screens) of the person’s Facebook page.  You have to accomplish a few things here:

  • Due to the fact that they are NOT searching for your business at the time, you have to be respectful
  • Nonetheless you have to break them out of their “trances” in order to pay attention to your ad.  This is a combination of headline and image + curiosity/intrigue building in terms of the text under your ad’s headline
  • Where do you send the traffic:  take them off Facebook to your website, off Facebook to a web property you control like your YouTube video, to your Facebook page or to a specific post on your Facebook page?
  • How do you target the specific person you want to reach AND are willing to pay to reach?  While “everyone” is a pie-in-the-sky answer, you have to ask whom are you willing to pay to reach for the SPECIFIC ad/landing page combination.  This requires some artful thinking


Regarding the latter, the rest of this post will focus on some examples of various businesses around the country.  You will get some pointers on how you may wish to target your audience if you can identify with the type of business mentioned.


A photographer has moved from Hawaii to the East Coast to be near family. Nobody knows her in the new area of the country, but her membership in national photography associations should give her credibility.  Good business for her is portrait/head shot photography, so she can target people over 30 who live within 15-20 miles of her new home.  To narrow the list further, she can target those who have liked the local chamber of commerce Facebook pages (or just the “chamber of commerce” interests in the paid ad options).  This is because she likely will be reaching business professionals in her area; and they will need new photos for LinkedIn, dating sites, etc.

Machine Shop Equipment

A guy is an approved distributor of a major brand of machine shop and measuring equipment.  He wants to increase awareness of his selling parts as well as the repair and on-site installation services.  In Facebook he can target those of a specific age range who have, as their profession, “machinist” and similar phrases.  Additionally, he can target those who read certain trade magazines especially if those magazine’s readers tend to be the decision makers (buyers) of his products and services.


A plumber enters a new part of town to grow his business.  Since most people go to the search engines for plumbing problems he has to use Facebook to “get ahead” of the problems.  If he knows certain neighborhoods have high odds of bad plumbing then he can target those residents and offer a discount.  He also can target foundation companies on Facebook and offer complimentary licensed plumbing services to bolster their appeal to homeowners.

Garage Door

The same as above for the plumber except that he can offer maintenance and tune-ups.  He also can drive traffic to safety tips video.  If that video is optimized in YouTube then the Facebook traffic, even if it doesn’t generate short term phone calls, likely will help him rank in the search engines long after the paid ad campaign is over.


An OBGYN wants to reach women within an hour’s drive of his office.  In Facebook he can target women looking for pregnancy care, STD screening, and similar services by reaching women in an age range who watch certain TV shows, read certain magazines or like specific celebrities – especially those who talk a lot about pregnancy.

Advanced Technology Design

This is tough as the audience is very narrow, but it can appeal worldwide.  This company can target multiple countries which speak English and target based on trade magazine interests or those who have liked the Facebook pages of trade shows where current customers attend thereby increasing the likelihood of similar people calling.

Auto Financing

In this specific instance, the guy offers specialty financing for those who have low-to-no credit.  One way to get the most out of his ad spend is target geographically and those who have a marital status of “divorced” or “separated”.  These people are among his high-converting prospects in the real world, so he can get more of them in the online world.

Merchant Services

This is a cut-throat business, so his ad headline and offer/body text had better be good.  He can target those who have liked a chamber of commerce page or those who have liked competitors’ pages; and then offer a better deal.

Home Renovation Loans

Same as above, except he has the flexibility of different loan types.  In order to have low competition, he can offer specialty awareness videos to reduce confusion around 203k rehab loans.  He can target those in Facebook who expressed interest in home improvement and remodeling TV shows.


During the non-tax season, he can target those who have expressed interest in “tax deduction” book authors or financial services interests within his geographic radius.  This should keep his ad spend low and targeted.

Hair Stylist

Definitely a natural business category for Facebook ads.  She can target women within 5 miles of her salon and use tons of images for the ads.  The only concern here is how NOT to target!  Lots of flexibility and fun ways to get interest in her salon.

Family Lawyer

Lots of little towns around her area, so targeting those of a certain age (e.g. 30-50) who have claimed their marital status on Facebook as “separated” is a great starting point.  She has to be careful of ad compliance, but a pre-approved ad by the State Bar should be sufficient and rubber stamped.

Heating And Cooling

Commercial businesses are great here because of the profit margins.  Also, most competitors are not targeting businesses in this way.  Target those in the geographic radius who read high end magazines and other topics related to commercial property management and commercial real estate.  On average, they at least need a “tune up” of their heating and cooling systems once a year.

Boxing And MMA Gym

In a major city this is tough due to how many of these gyms are springing up.  Embed YouTube videos in a post and then “boost” the post w/ Facebook ads to the desired geographic area.  Target by those who like UFC, specific fighters, and self defense gurus on Facebook.

Moving Company

Can use Facebook ads in his geographic area by targeting those who like relocation services, home flipping guides, and parents of college kids.  All of these audiences have high likelihood of moving soon.  Other ways to target would include those who liked the pages of local apartment complexes.

Equestrian Center

In an industry with many “cliques” getting people to defect equestrian centers is tough.  She can try advertising upcoming competition event dates to those already involved and get them to see her center for the first time.  Conversely she can get prospective first-time parents to bring their girls to the center by targeting specific horse-themed movies, horse toy brands, etc.

RV Park

He can boost possible phone calls by targeting associations of oil field workers and their companies, RV enthusiasts and others pre-disposed to living in a RV park environment.  Use good imagery here and emphasize at least 2 benefits in the headline/ad body text in order to increase click-through-rates to the landing page (website, Facebook page or specific post).


Hopefully these examples give you some ideas on what you can do for your own marketing via Facebook paid ads.


Ron has a background as both an attorney as well as a sporting event promoter in the DFW area.  He has been involved with sports fantasy tours, sports-related challenges where winners go to big events like the Masters or the Final Four, minor league baseball teams, and corporate fitness races.  He also has expertise on the estate planning side of the law with areas like Medicaid and special needs trusts.

Here is some more about Medicaid that might be of interest to those not familiar with the basics:

Medicaid stands as a health insurance program that was started to help citizens and their loved ones with really low monthly revenues. Being able to get Medicaid is not set on someone’s age. If you want to be eligible for Medicaid benefits, specific income mandates must be met. These amounts vary on a state-by-state basis.

Usually, somebody must get monthly income failing to meet the poverty line and possess “assets” below $2000 to be eligible for Medicaid. Around half of the U.S. states, Medicaid was boosted to incorporate single men as part of the Affordable Care Act.

Whenever somebody is on Medicaid, the benefits should factor in all, or virtually all, of the charges regarding going to the medical professional, visits to an hospital or receiving prescribed drugs. There should not be a requirement for extra insurance coverage.

In addition to hospital care, those who qualified for Medicaid may experience some problems obtaining a private physician who will accept them. Usually this does not apply to Medicare recipients.

While Medicare will not cover custodial care at assisted care facilities, Medicaid benefits frequently get used by recipients to cover the expenses associated with assisted care facilities. Those who’ve nominal cash or assets often have Medicaid to pay for the entire time that the person stays at the elder care location.

There exists a good degree of uncertainty dealing with Medicaid.  If possible then meet with a trusted Medicaid planning attorney or other attorney who is proficient in elder law for the state of the person who needs clarity on Medicaid benefits.


Jim is a longtime veteran in the agricultural real estate industry.  He is full of terrific stories about properties such as ranches, farms, working ranches, hunting land and other raw land & acreage.  Some of the funniest stories he has told me took place in these out-of-the-way, small towns which most people don’t even know exist in Texas and Oklahoma.  The people and stories he mentions are often hysterical!

He also offers some helpful tips for anyone looking to live or be active on those types of properties.  I have seen him help someone choose a different type of property than she originally was intending to buy, even though it would result in a lower commission for him, because his questions helped her choose a better overall property for her and her loved ones.  He would much rather gain trust and get referrals than just try to squeeze as much money as he could out of the client.

His firm also is proficient in the process for 1031 real estate tax free exchange ranches in Texas and Oklahoma.  Evidently this is more complex than some people realize, especially if the person looking to qualify for the benefits of the rules have procrastination tendencies and try to get things done at the last minute.  Jim and his team help those people looking for the 1031 exchange benefits early on in the process to have as much “cushion” as possible.

Here is one of his videos.

Ken And Terry

Ken and Terry are fun guys to talk to!  They have decades of experience in the smoked meats industry; and they have a company selling a terrific suite of products:  all sorts of pork products by mail.

Here is one of their videos showing just some of what they offer:

The best part is that the meats they sell taste terrific!  Yes, that is a subjective comment; but the fact that the hams are smoked for roughly 16 hours and the peppered bacon is peppered in a good ratio (not too much and not too little) just makes everything taste great.

They both love talking about the meats industry.  If you get a chance to talk with them ask them about the “dishwasher” recipe (no joke!) and about different recipes to make smoked ham, peppered bacon, summer sausage and similar products taste absolutely fantastic when you serve them to family & friends.  For example, they give a few basic suggestions on their web page which offers summer sausage by mail.

Again, if you meet them have fun and enjoy learning more about smoked meats and ways to make them even more enjoyable assuming that you enjoy them in the first place.

Steve D

Steve is hysterical!  This guy has 100 things going on all the time and gets to work on some of the coolest projects in all of Dallas.  His company has produced videos, seen on the jumbo screens at sporting events, which have made national news on sites such as and others.

His firm did the entire 3D building video projection mapping project for the Perot Museum VIP opening event.  The company later went so far as to design the running wall interactive museum exhibit where kids get to race against a giant-sized football player, track athlete or even a dinosaur.

He always has a fun projects going all the time, and his company has expanded into helping businesses use emerging technology in new ways.  For example, they offer Dallas RFID consulting services (as well as for other regions) to help people use such “old” technology in completely new ways to help extend brands and/or bring life back into otherwise dormant products.

They also get to work on interactive technology and art experiences.  One such cool area is their work in motion tracking technology.  They mention work with the University of Oklahoma and other companies around the country in addition to offering local motion tracking and Kinect 2.0 technology consulting services in Dallas.

Get a chance to hang out with Steve one day as he is one of the funniest, most passionate, down to earth guys you will ever meet.

Tips On How To Pick Out The Right Floor Coverings

Given that top quality carpets can be quite expensive, many of us probably haven’t a clue what one feels like. Carpet can be purchased in many different styles and patterns, in addition to different colors. But it also is offered in many different grades, as well. In the event you don’t have the funds, you probably would not even consider getting a high quality carpet.

The most popular varieties of carpet available are the cut pile and the loop pile. For the loop pile carpets and rugs, individual strands of yarn are pulled 2 times thereby creating a small loop. As for the cut pile carpeting, the looped strands of yarn are cut at the top to create straight tufts of yarn. The more long lasting carpet is cut pile, and it is available in numerous styles, including Saxony, velvet, textured and shag. When it comes to loop pile, berber, sisal or cable styles are great for high foot traffic areas.

The type of carpet you end up picking will depend greatly on the amount you are willing to spend. In order to get the best quality carpet, wool has become the one to get. When you can afford to obtain wool carpeting, then it’s not necassary to consider any other. It is infinitely better than the synthetic fibers found on other carpets. The feel of wool is wonderful and a wool carpet can last up to thirty years or more. Carpeting that is comparable to wool is named acrylic carpeting, and it is even referred to as man made wool. This isn’t suitable for areas of high traffic, but it is resistant to such things as staining, fading, mildew and moisture.

Synthetic fibers such as nylon carpeting are actually appropriate for your high traffic areas. Although not as expensive as wool, nylon is possibly the most expensive when it comes to synthetic fibers. The most affordable carpet fabric offered is olefin. Olefin is quite easy to wash, and it is durable and colorfast however can be easily crushed. After deciding upon the budget and material for your carpet, you will need to think about the color. Light colors can certainly help make your room look bigger but they get dirty very easily. If you have small children or pets, you should definitely use dark colors. Dark colors in addition to their many styles can certainly hide the unsightly stains.

If you go with a light shade, it will be a challenge to get the stains out. Purchasing a darkish colored carpet is a good choice if you don’t want to manage the stains. In case you have children or pets, you should make it easy for yourself and get a dark colored carpet.

Thanks for the tips from a Plano residential carpet cleaning company which also serves the Collin County and Dallas County areas.


Rich oversees a company which sells lakefront lots and homes for sale.  The company has properties in Texas and also offers lakefront homes for sale in Alabama, primarily around Lake Tuscaloosa.  Here are some thoughts from Rich about buying lake properties:

Some Reasons To Think About Alabama Waterfront Property For Your Vacation Home

If you want to have a vacation home or getaway house in Alabama you no doubt know that you have many selections.  You can select a cabin within the woods, a condominium or even a regular house in a nice community.  An additional substitute to consider is a lakefront lot and home.  The great things about lake lots and lake cabins for sale may make it worth your while to invest added time to investigate.

First, you’ve year-round entertainment built into the neighborhood.  Whether you desire the property by yourself, your family or even your customers and friends you can keep everyone entertained a year a year.  For example, during the spring and summer you generally will have boating, swimming, fishing along with other lake activities.  This ought to keep your guests happy and never have to leave the city.  During the cooler months you still will have some lake activities and also likely hiking trails.  If you ultimately choose a lake property within a planned community additionally you likely will feature a community recreation building, children’s pool, hot tub and other amenities right nearby.

Additionally, lakefront property in Alabama can offer you additional benefits.  If you love it college sports or any other sold events inside state you are aware that hotels and restaurants could get pretty expensive.  Having your own personal property can offer you the previous benefits plus proximity to the activity happening in the city.  For example if you love going to college sports events you are able to stay at your lakefront property and entertain guests pre and post the event.  That way you are able to have some privacy while still having a social life.

Finally, some folks want the peaceful nature of the lake.  If you’ve to travel a lttle bit to your waterfront home then a house will offer you some long overdue tranquility as opposed to being in a very hotel room or high-traffic neighborhood.  In addition on the mentioned fishing, swimming and recreation centers additionally you can eliminate stress while still being fairly in the area to any amenities needed for example shopping and entertainment.  Having this option can provide you both worlds in addition to a property which has the potential for price appreciation, client and family relaxation as well as other benefits.

Hopefully these benefits are enough for you to consider the option of choosing a lake lot on what to build your house or an already existing lakefront property.  If an opportunity seems interesting for your requirements then take time to explore the options which help you the most.  Be guaranteed to choose lake properties that happen to be ready for electricity, water and the same features you would want in a home you get.  Additionally, select those which address issues regarding the lake itself, boat docks, recreation center facility upkeep along with other aspects you’ll like to have occur for almost any vacation property you are thinking about purchasing.

Here is some more information on the subject.

Doctor K

Dr. Khayal is a funny guy who also happens to be a great chiropractor.  He serves the North Dallas, Plano, Carrollton, Addison and Farmers Branch Texas.  What makes him different is that he uses lots of technology and tries to help those who are too scared of the typical manual adjustment (often referred to as the “cracking” or “popping”).  Some of these pieces of technology include:

  • The Ultralign G2 (formerly called the ProAdjuster)
  • Spinal decompression
  • Cold light laser therapy
  • IST
  • Foot levelers
  • Other techniques and equipment to help realign the spine and joints

The Ultralign (Pro Adjuster) technology is one of the coolest because you can get a visual breakdown of how much improvement one adjustment can generate.  For example, you can see how out of alignment you are in the neck/spine area at each vertebrae joint.  Dr. Khayal then uses a “wand” looking device which adjusts your joint without the need for the manual adjustment.  The reason why is that the force generated by the electric wand applies direct pressure on realigns everything.  This is why the need to do a manual adjustment gets decreased significantly because torque is not needed to overcome the body’s natural resistance/defensive mechanisms which occur when your neck is about to be torqued by someone else.

Here is a video explaining more about this technology:


Steve owns a multi-location driving school business in Collin County Texas.  He has expanded his business into at least 6 locations in McKinney, Allen, Frisco and Plano.  What’s interesting is he has added other services besides just drivers ed for teenagers who are in high school.  They include:

  • adult drivers ed
  • defensive driving
  • helping parents with at least a part of the formal instruction needed when their kids are learning how to drive

What’s also interesting is that amount of literature they put out about safety.  This is definitely a lot more than I received from driving school back in the 1990’s!

drivers ed Plano TX

Here is one of his videos detailing what his school offers:


Dot is hysterical!  She has a great sense of humor and always has a terrific, upbeat attitude.  She is an interior designer with specialties in custom window treatments (plus blinds, draperies, etc.) and custom furniture selection.  She serves the Dallas Fort Worth market, and her work is pretty amazing.

Here is just one example:

Interior designer Forney TX

She has a great ability to offer lots of useful information to her current and prospective clients because she blogs frequently about new design and furniture trends.  The showroom she shares with some of her colleagues is impressive as they have tons of sample books and carpeting and fabric ideas for one’s remodeled home or office.




Angie is awesome!  She has one of the coolest attitudes you are ever going to encounter, and she loves helping her clients.  She goes out of her way to spend time with them and educate them on various aspects of health and fitness.

Her studio is called Fit4040 and she teaches various classes which can help a wide variety of students.  For example, she teaches classes for yoga and Pilates in Irving Texas and then on the same day can vary her styles such as teaching:

  • Zumba
  • Body Barre
  • PIYO
  • Boot Camp
  • General Fitness
  • and much more

Here is a short video she shot a while ago with one of her students in the area of Irving, Las Colinas and Coppell Texas:


Blue Smith

Blue is an interesting guy, and his forte is on working on furniture in the Dallas and East Texas areas.  He loves talking about refinishing and restoring old furniture such as:

  • desks
  • dressers and drawers
  • tables
  • chairs
  • bed frames

He also does a lot with upholstery repair in the area.  Here are some of his pictures of before/after projects he has done:

desk furniture restoration Plano


He also works on custom fabrics such as those to replace a worn sofa or love seat.  Check out his services here:

David Bell

David is a fun guy to speak with.  He enjoys talking about lawns, plants, the mechanics of landscaping and how to prepare due to weather.  He seems to be one of those types of guys who can make grass grow on a cinder block!

He likes helping businesses and offices with their curb appeal and landscaping, especially to prevent structural problems such as water going down a slope and collecting – which could create plumbing or foundation problems for a commercial property.


Check out his website and what he does for the commercial properties in his area:  David Bell

Dr. Larry Tarrant

Larry is a fun guy who happens to be a Therapeutic Optometrist.  He practices in 3 locations in the Dallas area (Lakewood, Forney, and Grand Prairie).  If you get a chance, talk with him about his background and how he got into optometry.  It is a pretty interesting story.

He definitely is passionate about helping his patients who have eye problems, and his website even offers some good definitions about terms you may have heard regarding your eyes:

Here is video:


David W. Schamens

I met David W. Schamens back in 2006 during his involvement with my time at a stock trading, options trading and algorithmic trading software platform company.  He has an extensive background in the financial services industry as has been quoted several times about various stocks by reputable financial news sources including being quoted about Apple’s stock on

He also loves the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team!  While passionate about the stock market and investment industry, he is even morso about his favorite Major League Baseball team.  If you meet him then be sure to talk with him about the Cardinals as he enjoys the team and can share insights which most fans don’t know.

You can keep up with Dave by tracking his social media business mentions here: